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Hi! My name is Daniel and I’m from Mexico. I'm pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Technology program at Tecnológico de Monterrey, where I'm set to graduate this June. When I'm not coding, you'll often find me playing video games, watching movies, hitting the tennis court, or keeping up with the latest technology trends. As for my professional interests, I'm passionate about various areas, including Front-End Development, Web and Mobile Development, UI/UX Design, and Game Development.

Through my coursework and personal projects, I have gained hands-on experience with various programming languages and tools, and I am eager to bring my skills and enthusiasm to the right team. Some of those programming languages and tools are:

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Amazon Capstone Project

January - June 2022

In collaboration with Amazon, I developed the Amazon Capstone Project. A university project where I developed a functional call center using Amazon Connect. The call center gave access to the managers and its contact agents. The managers had access to features such as reviewing call recordings, viewing statistics and performance of the call center, giving feedback to agents, viewing agent list and their current online status, and the ability to enroll or delete agents. In the case of the Agents, they had access to features such as receiving calls, automatic screen recording, giving third-party services to the user and reviewing the feedback given by their managers.

In this project, I was the Front-end Functionality Manager. I was in charge of the design, testing, and front-end functionalities. I implemented accessibility features such as themes for color blindness, changing the text size, changing the language, etc.

Recreation of networking platform

August - November 2021

A univerity project where I recreated HagamosCine's networking platform. This organization helps filmmakers by using a networking platform for users to get in touch with other filmmakers. In this project, I recreated the sign-in and sign-up web interfaces.


Pocket Saving

January 2021

My first published App. The perfect way to save. Pocket Saving will allow you to achieve what you have always wanted to buy. Be it a vacation, a new phone, a video game, whatever. Simply add the value of what you want to buy, and set a date when you want to achieve it. Pocket Saving will help you know how much you should save per day, week, or month. Fill your log little by little to achieve that goal. Take advantage of Widgets, whether small, medium or large, you can see your progress. Dark Mode On. Pocket Saving has the option for all those who love dark mode.

App for Dibujando Un Mañana

August - November 2021

A university project for DIBUJANDO UN MAÑANA foundation. Our team and I developed an app that was capable of letting the user create an account, sign in, and make donations with PayPal. The user could also see information about the foundation and contact them, as well as see their donation history and propose new ideas of initiatives to DIBUJANDO UN MAÑANA. An administrator could sign in and have a different view of the app. The administrator could add or delete initiatives and see the proposals of the users.

Video Games

Crack the Code 101

March - April 2023

This is a project for the WWDC23 Student Challenge. Made with Swift Playgrounds, this game aimed for teaching the binary system using Augmented Reality (AR). Try to crack the binary code an translate it to decimal for unlocking the safe before the time runs out.

Yoli-Jump Adaptive Arcade

February - March 2023

In collaboration with students from different carrers, we made an Arcade for Teletón Kids. Our main focus was to create an inclusive gaming experience using an adaptive controller made with Arduino. I developed and designed a 2D game in Unity tailored to accommodate diverse abilities. The protagonist of the game was Yolín, Teleton's Mascot. This project was part of a University Course focused on entrepreneurship.

Trash Wars

August - November 2022

For this university project, I was able to specialize in Game Development. The main course was Video Game Design for Engineering, and I led and managed one of the teams. We made a Third Person Shooter with Online Capabilities with Unity 3D and Photon Fusion. The theme of the game was Trash, literally. Our main characters were animals that love Trash, like a Raccoon, a Rat, a Squirrel, and a Cat. Each animal was made by us in Blender and each one had different abilities and weapons. The main objective consisted of a 4v4 game where each team had to recollect the biggest amount of Trash to win.
For our game we made user reseach for an outstanding game desing. We made a prototype in InVision Studio to showcase our game to future users and improve our 3D game.

Purrfect Run

February 2022

We don't know why a cat has decided to run upwards between two endless buildings. What we do know is that purr-haps you could help this cat by jumping and dashing downward for avoiding upcoming obstacles. And be careful because, for unknown reasons, every meter makes the cat run faster. Don't fur-get to collect fish along the way for having second chances. Compete for the highest score paw-ssible. Oh, and also, be purr-suasive and unlock all the cats by completing certain achievements.

Project Mars

January - June 2021

A university project were our team was assigned to develop a video game with its web site and database, which was to be delivered to a non Governmental Organization called "Movimiento Steam", which focuses on expanding education to the children of Mexico. Therefore, we decided that the main theme should be the current objective humanity is aiming for, which is the colonization of Mars. We focused on showing the main careers of the future.
Our goal was to know the children's perspective of the careers when they registered on our web site. Then each video game level focused on the carrer, which showed the user some information and questions about it. This is to rate their qualifications. And finally, we received their review of the career. The data we collected helped the Organization view the relation between children and these careers, to know what is the problem the children and facing, thus helping those in need.

UX Case Studies

Under Construction

More Projects I've Done

Traffic Simulation

August - November 2021

An example of Artificial Intelligence in a univerity project. Our team and I developed a simulation of traffic in Unity with the help of Python's library Mesa. In the simulation, each car spawned randomly on the map, and it had the task to get to its destination. We used the Breadth First Search algorithm to help the cars get to their destinations in the shortest path possible.

IoT & its use for COVID-19

August - November 2020

In this project I made in univerity, I implemented the Internet of Things with an Arduino circuit and its database for getting a medical checkup. To implement this project, it began by building an Arduino circuit that measured temperature, oxygenation, heart rate, and could also connect to the internet. I programmed it with C++ and constructed a database through SQL where it stored data such as date, temperature, oxygenation, heart rate, name, age, and gender. The idea behind this work was that instead of people going to a medical checkup, people could stay at home, and thousands of data could be sent to allow researchers or doctors to monitor the behavior of any disease, such as COVID-19.